Saks wanted to add some intrigue to its WANT IT! trend campaign, so we contacted street artist Shepard Fairey,  just before his Barack Obama HOPE poster made him a household name.
I complemented Shepard’s Rodchenko-inspired artwork with propagandist trend language. The result was a series of posters that started a fashion uprising.
The potent mix of art, commerce and propaganda garnered attention far beyond the fashion press, from the New York Times to literary magazines to business blogs to talk radio tirades:


      "You need to see the Soviet art that is being made to sell pants...
      Those are very effective posters. They've been a very effective
      tool for fascist leaders forever."                                   
                                                                              - GLENN BECK

The revolutionary language continued throughout our catalogs, in-store signage, online collateral and more.
Today, the WANT IT! catalogs are traded as collector’s items.
The campaign is now literally a textbook example.
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