During a transitional period, I took over as Creative Director for all the brands of HBC, including Hudson's Bay.
In a few months, we defined the tenets of the brand—inclusivity, familiarity, variety, and
Canadian identity—and built a strong creative foundation for future growth.
INCLUSIVITY   |   Representation matters—so we jumped at opportunities to cast models who would be representative
of a diverse new generation of Canadians. For a Back to School event, we created our own boy band and girl band.
INCLUSIVITY   |   A series of beauty campaigns celebrated a more personalized vision of beauty.
FAMILIARITY  |  Hudson's Bay's stripes are as recognizable as the Canadian flag, but they were being
under-utilized as a defining symbol of the brand. We brought the stripes into the website UX design,
incorporating the colors throughout and even building them into the top navigation.
FAMILIARITY  |  Hudson's Bay is also known simply as "The Bay", and we played into this nickname by utilizing it
in a variety of activations: from reinventing the creative supporting the store's tentpole "Bay Days" shopping events,
to creating a "Bay Mine" Valentine's campaign, to launching a "The Bay Prom Squad" for prom season.
CANADIAN IDENTITY   |   To celebrate the country's 150th birthday, Hudson's Bay raised funds to connect The Great Trail, a 15,000-mile system of hiking trails that stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans. We shot our seasonal campaign along the trail—now the longest recreational, multi-use trail network in the world.
 CANADIAN IDENTITY   |   We also leaned into the upcoming Olympic Games, as Hudson's Bay is the traditional outfitter of the Canadian National Team. Athletes were the stars of our spring/summer campaign, with the Olympic Collection being added to our top nav.
VARIETY   |   At Hudson's Bay, you can find more product categories than at any of our competitors.
So we but our breadth at the center of our holiday campaign.
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